Keeping It Natural!

Synthetic-Free & Purely Crafted Each Month

Behind The Butter Box:

Healing Skin, Changing Lives and Restoring Confidence-one product at a time!

At The Butter Bar Skincare, our purpose is to change the way you approach skin care. By providing all-natural, herbal, and plant-based alternatives to traditionally used synthetic skincare, we believe that we can change the way your skin looks and feels simply by using ingredients found in nature. And by keeping toxins off your body, your one step closer to keeping toxins out of your body!

Real Ingredients = Real Results!

Our skin care products have been skillfully formulated and developed by our Founder, Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, who became obsessed with finding natural solutions to her own specific skincare concerns. Finding solutions that provide real results without harmful synthetics continues to be her goal. 

We aren't afraid to educate our customer about our ingredients! 

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our customers to make the right product choices! We believe in providing not only product solutions, but education about how a holistic approach to living can improve skin and overall health through healing. We know that an educated customer can make an even more educated choice about their skincare. And our customer's choose The Butter Bar Skincare again and again!