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Serving Up Natural Skin Care in the Most Indulgent Way Possible-"Good Enough to Eat"!

Our “Good Enough to Eat” Philosophy The Butter Bar is not only focused on creating the highest quality products with the best fragrances and delicious add-ins for you delectable body care experience. We pride ourselves in being 100% natural all the way down to our fragrances, colorants and preservation methods. We use no chemicals OR chemically-altered natural ingredients. We just want to make everyone’s bath & body experience a little bit sweeter, by any natural-means necessary!

A little bit about How We Give Back...

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Water 4 Youth​ to have all of the Fair Trade Shea Butter that The Butter Bar uses, be provided exclusively from their Shea farm in Ghana, West Africa. Their Shea farm in Ghana not only employs local workers, but every pound of Shea Butter that we buy from them allows them to donate 30 cases packs of water to the children in their Water 4 Youth Program. Right now, The Butter Bar uses 200 lbs. of raw shea butter per year on average in our products. That’s 6,000 cases of clean drinking water that we can provide to these children per year! As our company grows, we hope that it can be so much more than that. Know that when you support our company, you support so much more! God bless!

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Meet our Butter Box team

Kimberly-Chloe Wilson

Founder & CEO

Deanesha Lawrence

Co-Owner & Marketing Director

Water 4 Youth

Shea Butter Provider


Making Our World Go Round!

How it all started

Because It Had to Start Somewhere, Right?

In the beginning...

Kimberly-Chloe Wilson & Deanesha Lawrence started out as two ingredient-obsessed best friends who just wanted great smelling bath & body products that didn't have a whole bunch of unnecessary chemicals, but were still fabulous. Not, only for themselves either- "As moms we both wanted to have fun lotions and bath products to use on our kids too, but there just wasn't much of a choice when it came to natural bath products in the smell department," says Kimberly-Chloe. "There were too many limitations and medicated smells with the natural products available. The products that smelled great used too many chemicals, and irritated our skin (and our ingredient-obsessed minds). So, we decided to make our own. We tracked down natural ingredients, researched the best skincare practices, and tried every natural scent and fragrance out there. We created our Fabulously All- Natural Bath & Body in our mixery, and decided to keep it totally simple: Natural Products, Natural Scents, and 'Good Enough to Eat' Products-Period!"

As the product choices started to expand they began to share their products with others all around Houston,TX-who all LOVED them! Thus began the expansion and growth of this wonderful company. So, today, these two ingredient-obsessed best friends, continue making All-Natural, food grade bath & body care products that are truly "Good Enough to Eat", with their own very special flair, at The Butter Bar!

Where we are today

We Found That A lot of Women just didn't Have time to shop online each month to maintain a Natural lifestyle. They loved our natural products, but just couldn't get around to re-ordering when needed. They ended up grabbing some chemically stuff off the store shelf, with a guilt written all over their faces. We decided, we could remedy that by delivering a fresh dose of natural indulgence to them each month without them having to get online each time!

Now The Butter Box has hundreds of Happy Beauties & Cuties that no longer have to bare the guilt and shame of grabbing a quick chemical-filled product off the store shelf again- because we indulge them each and every month!

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